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Job Interview Tips: What To Do & What NOT To DO

Some people shine at job interviews, while others, well… it can be nerve-racking process. The following are some easy tips about what to do, or NOT to do, at a successful job interview:

  1. Be on time; Be Prepared – You can only make a good impression once, so make it count.
  2. DO NOT be late – Being late can be a sign of unpreparedness and lack of discipline. This doesn’t mean that you won’t get the job, but your chances can be negatively impacted by being late.
  3. Do Your Research – Make sure you do your due diligence and research the company where you’re interviewing. Not only this will give you some confidence during the interview, but it will also show that you’re prepared.
  4. DO NOT “make things up”. If you encounter a question which you don’t know the answer, do not try to come up with a made up answer. Instead, ask for clarification or more information so that your answer can be more appropriate.
  5. Don’t Assume the Interviewer Knows Everything About You – Sure you’ve sent them your resume along with a long cover letter detailing your entire work history. That does not mean that the interviewer has read every single word on your resume. Always be polite and take every question as an opportunity to share positive qualities about yourself.
  6. Dress For the Job Opportunity – Take time the night before the interview to pick out what you will wear. This will reduce stress the next day and will ensure that you look great, so that you can feel confident. Different jobs require different dress codes, but regardless, make sure you look clean and presentable. This effort to look good lets the interviewer know that you’re serious about the opportunity.
  7. Smile and Cross Your Fingers – Think positive after the interview, and remember that this is just one of many opportunities out there. Do not get discourage if you don’t get job.

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