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Education is one of today’s most powerful forces, with the ability to nurture opportunities, achieve dreams, and change lives. As an employee-owned organization, International Education Corporation (IEC) and its subsidiary companies are dedicated to student success and the success of its colleagues. We strive to drive personal and community transformation by empowering students to make a positive and enduring life change. We do this by preparing our students with the knowledge and skills they need — both personal and professional — to work in today’s most promising and in-demand career fields.

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Our headquarters are located in Irvine, California and our positions here manage a variety of diverse aspect of company and campus operations from Human Resources and Marketing all the way to IT and Accounting.

How IEC Works for Students

At International Education Corporation, and our subsidiary companies, we consider it a privilege to infuse our passion, positive energy, commitment to quality and integrity, and significant resources into this virtuous and essential cause. In fact, we have built an organization from the ground up that excels at promoting learning and creativity for both students and colleagues and helps people perform at their peak. At IEC, and our companies, our students are at the core of all that we do every day and all departments are aligned around this core to create the best learning environment.

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