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At U.S. Colleges programs are designed for individuals interested in gaining the necessary skills to get ahead in a professional career. We provide morning, afternoon and evening classes for most of our courses to our students, as we know they juggle day-to-day responsibilities and their success is our success. Our programs are focused and custom tailored to make you career-ready in the shortest time possible.

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Our instructional staff and colleagues come from diverse life experiences and educational backgrounds but are united in one goal, an obsession with student success created by providing our students a complete and exceptional educational experience. Our instructors have the option to work part time for extra income, plus teaching experience is not required if you are an expert in the field. We will train!

The Admissions department is responsible for vetting student candidates for admission, ensuring the student understands the value of the program and the commitment necessary to become not only a student, but a future graduate.

The Student Finance department works with our students to provide financial access. Our student finance professionals are deeply knowledgeable in the processes and procedures for applying for and receiving student financial aid at all stages of the student journey.

Our career services colleagues support students on the path of professional development.  They offer in-class workshops, resume assistance, job fairs, and one-on-one support to prepare students for their job search.  When students are ready for externship or when they complete their program, they network with our local employers to create job opportunities for our graduates.

Our campus administrators oversee and support campus instruction, student services, and operations. These campus administrators are integral to student success and the student educational experience.

How U.S. Colleges Works for Students

With over 20 years of industry recognition, U.S. Colleges mission is to successfully prepare our graduates for new career opportunities by offering viable career options and providing quality educational programs based on the training you need. You’ll have the opportunity to learn hands-on from experienced and dedicated instructors that can prepare you for a new career in allied health in as little as 5 weeks.



We offer in-demand career programs where our students can attend day-time, evening, or weekend classes, and can earn their certificate of completion for a new career in healthcare in as little as 5 weeks. We’ll make training for our students’ new career fun, engaging, and convenient.


We are committed to helping our students get the training they need, and know that sometimes personal challenges come up that make it hard to focus. Our instructors and staff work with our students to help them overcome obstacles and succeed.


It’s our priority to help our students train for and succeed in an in-demand healthcare career. Our allied health training programs have class and lab hours to help our students practice their new skills in a lab setting with real-world tools and equipment.

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